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Central Arizona Regional Training Academy

The Training Campus is laid out in a cityscape design, which adds a real life effect to what could be experienced on the streets of any community. Many of the buildings serve multiple uses and in some cases can be reconfigured internally with modular walls. This capability provides instructors the opportunity to change scenarios and challenge the Firefighters.


The Training Academy Grounds

  • 15 acre site

  • Five-story training tower

  • Two classrooms with advanced AV equipment

  • Computer lab

  • 10,000 sf activity building (heated & cooled)

  • Outdoor classroom near training tower

  • Restaurant and strip mall rooms & props

  • Designed with a cityscape layout

  • Extrication area for vehicles

  • Confined space props

  • Flashover prop

  • Numerous forcible entry & ventilation props

  • Vehicle extrication area

  • Flammable liquids area

Class B Fire Burn Tower

There are three NFPA 1403 Live Burn structures on the Training Campus. The Class B Burn Tower is a 11,200 square foot, five story structure with exterior repelling capabilities. This building has three computer controlled Class B burn rooms configured with living room couch, bunk-beds and kitchen scenarios. Each room has the ability to create a secondary fire rollover in addition to the ground level fire. The design of this structure allows for simultaneous scenarios to be played out on multi floors in a short period of time. The tower also has the ability to move walls for reconfiguration as needed to keep the rescues and searches fresh. This  structure lends itself to a large variety of training opportunities, which include aerial apparatus, high-rise deployment to basic fire attack.

The training tower includes the following features:

  • Propane fueled, computer controlled live fire training system

  • Three burn rooms on three different floors

  • Flashover capabilities in all burn rooms

  • Variety of rooms (9) with moveable wall system throughout the tower

  • Smoke capability throughout the tower

  • Interior "high rise" stairwell

  • Exterior stairwell

  • Two high angle rescue areas

  • Fire protection systems: FDC for standpipe & sprinkler systems

  • Four story elevator shaft

  • Attic prop with roof trusses in place

  •  Ceiling pull prop

Class A Fire Burn Building

The second burn building is for Class A fires. This is a state of the art two story structure designed to outlast the typical masonry burn building. This is accomplished through the use of insulated conex containers strategically placed within  or adjacent to the structure, which avoids the degradation common to other training structures. The class a fire burn building also has a removable section of the first floor to conduct drills simulating rescuing a firefighter from a basement.

Flashover Chamber

The flashover chamber is constructed from two conex containers. This prop is designed to mimic the conditions commonly found in an enclosed structure fire. These conditions have been responsible for killing Firefighters across the nation as super heated gases build at the ceiling level, eventually igniting to cause untenable conditions. This prop helps replicate the signs of flashover, teaching the Firefighters to recognize the changing conditions of their environment. 

If you have questions or concerns regarding the Training Center, please us the contact information below. 

Central Arizona Regional Training Academy
9601 E Valley Rd
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

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