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Senior Leadership Academy

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The Senior Leadership Academy is a six month program that runs two days a month from January through June in 2020. This program is meant to fill the gap between Battalion Chief and Senior Chief Levels. Additionally, it will aid those non-operations personnel that serve in managerial roles within a fire service agency.


Students will interact with instructors from Yavapai College and long time fire service professionals. The program will not only help you develop your professional knowledge, it will also help improve your written skills and public speaking ability. We will work through two books during the course. The first is Strengths Based Leadership which you will receive in advance of the program. The Strengths Finder Book and assessment will help promote self-awareness and focus on strengths to aid in your personal growth and development. The other is Great by Choice by Jim Collins. You will have short reading assignments out of this book in between classes which will be discussed in a group setting the first morning of class each month.

  • Professional Development Competencies

  • Inter-agency Cooperation

  • MGT 111 Leadership and Innovation

  • MGT 112 Leadership and Collaboration

  • MGT 113 Leadership and Communication

  • Strategic Planning, both the Academic and Practical Application

  • Financial Management, both Municipal and District

  • Legislative Affairs

  • Legal Considerations and Contracts

  • Gender Interaction in the Workplace

  • Human Resource Management

  • Leading a Fire Department Beyond the Operations Level

  • Round Table Discussions with Industry Experts


Once completed, students will have earned a Leadership Certificate from Yavapai College, an improved knowledge base, and a network of peers ready to assist them as they continue to progress throughout their careers.


Participant Qualifications

  • Upwardly mobile Captain or above

  • Administrative or Support Services level Manager
  • Upwardly mobile Administrative Assistant



  • January 21 & 22

  • February 18 &19

  • March 17 &18

  • April 21 &22

  • May 19 & 20

  • June 16 & 17



$800.00 - includes Yavapai College fees, books, breakfasts, snacks and lunches

Central Arizona Regional Training Academy 

9601 E Valley Road 

Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

(928) 759-6934

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