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Tri Tech CAD Training

The following training videos were put together to highlight several of the features of the new system. There will be additional training in the future that will be provided.

When you begin using the CAD downloads from Tri tech for your epcr reports in image trend you will notice that the incident number is formatted in a different manner than you are used to seeing.  You do not need to change this.  This is how the new CAD system is tracking calls and we will carry this format into our patient care reports and Alpine as well.  The reason you see a CA in front of the run number is an agency label that show this call belongs to CAFMA not PFD.  These are just some of the changes we will be getting used to.  If you have any questions please give me a call.



Doug Niemynski

EMS Captain Central Arizona Fire and Medical

Work: 928-759-6900 x 3014

Cell: 928-460-0732

Updated Alpine Video
Tri Tech CAD Video 1
Tri Tech CAD Video 2
Tri Tech CAD Video 3
Tri Tech CAD Video 4
Tri Tech CAD Video - Times
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